Eggnog with rum, luxury chocolates or pastries, the holiday season lends itself to all kinds of delicious excess. However, if you are watching your weight, these good things could nullify your efforts. This is still not a reason to deny yourself small pleasures of this festive season. The following are some strategies to help you make the best and avoid the worst.


Do not interrupt your workout

Social obligations, shopping, cooking, all this can cause you to interrupt your workout, which is not desirable. Make it more of a priority. In addition to allowing you to burn calories accumulated a good sweat energize you. You will be only more radiant, besides much better you will cope with stress that characterizes this time of year.

Do not skip meals

It’s tempting to skip a meal when you know you will nibble throughout the evening. « It’s one thing to be avoided, » warns Pam Lynch, dietitian Halifax. « Failing this, you will inevitably excess later. » Rather, it suggests taking a snack or small meal (ideally, foods containing carbohydrates and protein) before leaving, just to avoid arriving hungry to the party and throw you on the food.

Eat breakfast every day

No matter how many parties you will attend during this period, always take a lunch. « The breakfast boosts metabolism, » says Pam Lynch. You will be better deal with potential food gaps in the day.

Stay vigilant

Whenever possible, take the appetizers less wealthy. The naked shrimp, for example, is preferable to fried donut. There is no limit to the vegetables but beware dips. « Dip your vegetables really, do not use it as a spoon! » Warns dietitian. When you count your calories, « these are the small details that make all the difference. »

Drink with moderation

There is no harm in taking a little lift a festive evening, but take care not to abuse it. Not only is alcohol calories, but it stimulates the appetite. Pam Lynch advised to take a glass of sparkling water or diet soda before moving to alcohol and during the evening, alternating alcohol and water. Go further for less calorie drinks: a glass of wine, for example, rather than eggnog.

Take your time

By eating slowly, you better enjoy the food and take less. « It takes about 20 minutes after eating to make you feel fuller, » says dietitian. If you devour at full speed, you will accumulate unnecessary calories. You eat the juicy turkey breast or a slice of Christmas cake, take the time to savor each of your bites.

What are your tips for a healthier Christmas?

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