It is not always easy to reinvent our daily lunches and serve well food to our children when they go to school. Here a some tips to help you have variety in lunches, and keep your food well until the time comes to eat.


Conservation tips

Here are some tips to properly store your food in your lunch box and prevent food poisoning.

Storage temperatures

Perishable foods are breeding grounds for bacteria growth. They must be maintained:

Cold: 0 ºC to 4 ºC
Hot: 60 ° C or more

To keep food cold

The ideal is to place your food in the refrigerator until lunchtime. If there are no refrigerators available at the school or at work, here are two alternatives:

  • Place an ice pack (ice-pack or lunch-pak) in your lunch box. It will keep food cold for four to six hours
  • Add to your meal a frozen juice box. It will preserve freshness until mealtime.

To keep food warm

Use a thermos (« thermos »). Before use, fill with boiling water and let it sit for fifteen minutes. Empty it and turn to your food. She kept warm for about five hours.

Warm up your cooked in a container designed for the microwave oven dish.

The maintenance of the lunchbox

It is important to clean your lunch box every day with warm water and soap. The addition of baking soda in water helps to eliminate all odors.

Do you use lunchboxes? What are your favorite ingredients to put in it?

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