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About us

Solution Éthylène, is a Canadian enterprise working in the food domain. Our mission is to offer more quality products by eliminating the ethylene effect which is produced after the harvest. Whether in the laboratory or in real world applications, Ethylene Control products are overachievers. They not only meet their primary function of counteracting ethylene gas, but they also kill airborne bacteria, viruses, sour rot, blue mold, green mold and brown rot fungi.

What is ethylene gas?

Ethylene gas is the ripening agent produced by fruits and vegetables that causes them to ripen faster. Absorbing ethylene gas after picking will extend the life cycle of produce, allowing them to be held for a much longer period. While proper refrigeration and humidification slows decay, they do not prevent the production of harmful ethylene gas.

We offer a solution!

Our products are composed of OMRI Listed™ Power Pellets™ which react when they come in contact with ethylene gas. This reaction oxidizes ethylene gas, converting the Power Pellets™ into manganese dioxide, which is an excellent fertilizer. Not only do the Power Pellets™ help maintain your produce and flowers longer, they also are completely safe and environmentally friendly.

University research

University research supports ethylene control’s claims concerning produce conservation. An independent study by University of Davis researchers conducted in 1997 concluded that the removal of ethylene gas is critical to prevent produce and flowers to ripen prematurely. Several products claiming to eliminate ethylene gas were tested. Ethylene gas was removed successfully only by our products.


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