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Individual Packs

One Power Pellet™ sachet, about the size of a tea bag, placed within a fruit, vegetable or flower box will keep produce fresh from packing line to retail store. Various size sachets are available according to your specific needs.

Cold Storage Filtration

Filtration System works with the existing air circulation systems in your cold storage facility to scrub the air of ethylene gas. One unit can reduce the ethylene gas level in a 100,000 cubic foot room by up to 98.9 percent.

Shipping and Retail Storage

EC-Filters are available in various sizes. They were designed for sea containers, refrigerated trailers and small size cold storage rooms to keep produce fresh from packing lines to retail backrooms. Bag-Filters are also available for all types of refrigerated produce, including flowers.

The Bluapple ® products

Absorb and neutralize ethylene gas in the refrigerator.

Based on proven commercial ethylene gas removal technology.

Designed for domestic use and consumer retail.

Solution Éthylène is the official distributor of Bluapple® products in Canada.