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Banner - To prolong the life of your fruits, vegetable and flower. We are the official Canadian distributor of Bluapple products.

Prolongs Produce Freshness

Bluapple® ethylene gas management for home produce storage, slows ripening and spoilage.

Based on proven commercial ethylene gas removal technology

Allow to save money and buy produce with confidence.

Proven in grocery & transportation operations for over 30 years.

About the technology

Ethylene gas emitted by produce accelerates ripening.

Bluapple absorbs and neutralizes ethylene gas.

Commercial shippers and warehouses all use ethylene filtration systems.

Consumer product for home use.

Safe, non-toxic and approved by OMRI for organic produce.

How to use Bluapple

Place in refrigerator crisper, or in other produce storage area;

Extends produce life three times longer;

Lasts three months;


Safe, organic and non-toxic;



Progressive, upscale product based on proven technology.

Reinforces important organic, whole food, conservation grocery theme.

High-end, affordable and effective product.

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About our competitors


DL Green Products ($6.99 for one)

1. Poor container design

2. No refill possible - adds to landfill

EZ Fresh

Stacks & Stacks ($10.99 for 3)

1. No ethylene neutralizing material

2. Only absorbs moisture and odors

3. Not a true competitor

Evert Fresh

Delicious Organics ($4.99 for 10)

1. Plastic bag product (Green Bags)

2. Not true ethylene neutralizer

3. More costly and messy to re-use

4. Used bags add to landfill